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10 Best Exercise Trails In Tennessee!

April 7, 2017

Tennessee is a state characterized by lush natural landscapes like the Appalachian Mountains and Mississippi River. It is a populous state located in the southeastern part of the United States that cares about its nature, as well as the health of its citizens. The capital city of Tennessee is Nashville, which exhibits the state’s dedication to linking and protecting open spaces.

Through programs like Nashville Greenways, trails and parks are identified and maintained for exercise activities. Examples of these activities are hiking, walking, swimming, biking, boating and equestrian use. There are more than 190 miles of open, curated trails for you.

Following are the 10 best exercise trails in Tennessee:

1. The Anderson Road Fitness Trail

anderson road fitness trail in tennessee

Located near Nashville, the Anderson Road Fitness Trail is ideal for anyone who loves to experience the great outdoors. It is 1.5 miles long and forms the shape of a loop. The trail is located near a lake, therefore you can engage in some boating as part of your training schedule. Moreover, it is accessible throughout the year and is also ideal for hiking, walking, running, bird watching and taking nature trips. The Anderson Road Fitness Trail is very picturesque.

2. Clarksville Greenway Trail

clarksville trail, tennessee

This is a trail which brings you closer to nature as you exercise. The Clarksville Greenway Trail follows the winding path of a creek. It is covered by a canopy of trees and vegetation. The trail is 4.6 miles long and runs adjacent to an abandoned rail bed in Clarksville. There is an asphalt surface throughout the trail which makes it ideal for activities such as walking, inline skating, biking, hiking (life saving hiking tips!), running and jogging. The trail is also wheelchair accessible.

3. The Wolf River Trails

wolf river trails in tennesse

This is an ideal trail which is located in the Lucius Burch Natural Area. It is 7.4 miles long and forms a loop. Fitness enthusiasts in Memphis regularly access it as part of their regimen. The Wolf River Trails have a river and are ideal for all skill levels of trainers. You can engage in a variety of exercise activities on this trail. Examples of these are biking, boating/kayaking/canoeing, walking, hiking and running. Moreover, you can bring along your dog for company. These trails have an altitude of 187 feet above sea level. For fitness by the riverside, these trails are an ideal choice.

4. Concord Park Trail

concord park trail

This is one of the most popular trails in Tennessee. Concord Park Trail is a loop which gives fitness enthusiasts the opportunity to see some wildlife as they exercise. It is 9.7 miles long and can be accessed at any time of the year. You can engage in a variety of exercise activities on this trail. Examples of these are biking, running, walking, hiking and jogging with your dog. It is pet friendly there, but you must keep your dog on a leash. Located at 1,486 feet above sea level, it is a great place to get your exercise done in nature.

5. Thunderhead Prong Quiet Walkway

prong quiet walkway - TN

Featuring light traffic and located in the back woods, the Thunderhead Prong Quiet Walkway is an ideal fitness trail. It is 1.4 miles long and is located near Townsend. It traverses the banks of a river and is ideal for all levels of outdoor fitness levels. You can perform some hiking, walking and boating and the Walkway has an altitude of 213 feet above sea level. This trail is suitable for a pristine and silent exercise session.

6. The Tweetsie Trail

tweetsie trail in Tennessee

Situated near Johnson City, the Tweetsie Trail is an out and back trail that is 8.9 miles long and has light traffic. Moreover, it has beautiful flowers and is of moderate difficulty. You can access it throughout the year for a variety of fitness activities. Examples of these are hiking, walking, running, jogging, bird watching and biking. The Tweetsie Trail has an elevation of 728 feet above sea level.

7. Enterprise South Nature Park Trail

enterprise south nature trail

Hidden beneath the forests of the Enterprise South Nature Park, this trail is ideal for fitness in nature. Situated near Ooltewah, it is 10.9 miles long and suitable for various exercise activities. Examples of these are hiking, running, walking, and biking. The trail is accessible throughout the year and you can also bring your dog with you. However, you should keep him or her on a leash.

8. Mossy Ridge Trail

mossy ridge trail

This is a loop trail which is situated quite close to Nashville and is sheltered under a forest with moderate traffic. The Mossy Ridge Trail is 4.9 miles long and perfect for exercise activities such as running, walking, biking and hiking. This trail is also dog-friendly, and is located at an altitude of 944 feet above sea level. It is a great location for outdoor fitness.

9. Shelby Bottoms Nature Center And Greenway

shelby bottoms nature trail

This is one of the main trails that make up the Nashville Greenways. Shelby Bottoms runs alongside the Cumberland River in East Hill, Nashville. It is 6.4 miles long and has end points at Moss Rose Drive, Forest Green Drive and Shelby Bottoms Nature Center. The trail has various types of terrain on it which include sand, asphalt, dirt, gravel and woodchips. Moreover, you can engage in a variety of exercise activities like walking, biking, running, hiking, boating, kayaking (Killer Kayaks has a killer selection), and inline skating. If you want to perform some outdoor exercises, the Shelby Bottoms trail is an awesome choice.

10. Lower Mount Cammerer Trail

mount cammerer trail

For those who love exercising in the outdoors alongside a gently flowing river, this trail is a great choice. The Lower Mount Cammerer Trail is an out and back exercise trail. Considered a gorgeous trail, you’d be remiss to not experience this trail in Tennessee! Situated close to Cosby, it can comfortably be used by fitness enthusiasts of varying skills.

There are various exercise activities which you can perform in the Lower Mount Cammerer Trail. Examples of these are running, walking, jogging, riding horses and bird watching. The trail has an elevation of 2,132 feet and gives great views of the surrounding flora.

10 Best Exercise Trails In Tennessee Conclusion

Exercise should be an important part of your daily schedule. It keeps you healthy and relieves stress. In Tennessee, there are many trails to check out, which you can run or jog along to keep yourself fit on like those described above, though the ones we have mentioned are the 10 top trails in Tennessee and are a must-see! Make sure to sample them when visiting this beautiful southern state.